Things To Know About Blasting Media

Many cleaning processes require use of material that is harmful when breathed. Some chemicals are also harmful for the environment. But in case of blasting, the abrasive material is not harsh for us and also the environment. So, it is not only effective, but also safe.Blasting is a good option to clean surfaces. This is now widely used on commercial equipment, cars and boats. It is an effective method of removing accumulated foreign particles that may harm the equipment. Rust is one of the problems for materials made of iron or steel. Blasting can easily remove this layer to bring out the metal. In fact, it is the best option when comes to cleaning a surface for painting. Blasting easily smoothens out the surface to prepare it for paint. Blasting is done with abrasive materials that are pushed out at a high speed. Through abrasion, the surface is cleaned.

Various materials:

Now, the surface is made of various materials. Abrasive materials are also of different kinds. While some of them are harsh, some of them are soft. Now for different surfaces, different materials must be used. All surfaces can never tolerate the abrasion of harsh materials. On the other hand, all the contaminants cannot be removed with soft materials. So, it is necessary to choose the proper material for bursting. This choice of media is better done by professionals. In this article, we will provide some tips on choosing the media for mobile sandblasting Brisbane.

Choose the soft one:

Sandblasting will apply particles at such a high speed that it will remove the upper layer or contaminants or paint. So, it is quite a harsh media. But all surfaces cannot tolerate this harshness. So if you are not sure about which one to choose or what the surface can tolerate, it is better to choose soft media. It may need more time to blast the surface, but at least there will be no harm to the surface. Even, there will be the scope of choosing a bit harsher material before the damage is done.

Glass beads are best for shine:

The glass beads are made of soda-lime glass. This one is less harsh. It never places too much stress on the surface. If you are looking for a media that will give good finish, nothing can be better from glass beads. There is another benefit. The beads are recyclable. It can be used quite a few times before replacing. So, it is also a cost-effective option.