Things To Consider When Cleaning Vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors have recently soared in popularity. They used to be considered inferior to other flooring options such as marble, ceramic tiles, wooden panels and rubber floors. This is because they were traditionally associated with low income households because of their affordability and generic designs. This perception had changed in recent years and vinyl floors are now far from being exclusive to low income households. This revival in popularity is partly due to the many new varieties available and partly due to some ground-breaking marketing campaigns conducted by manufacturers and retailers. The designs available have made them an attractive household item and they come with a whole range of other features.

The single biggest advantage of vinyl floors is the ease with which they can be cleaned. All it takes is a wet cloth soaked in soapy water. The floor can simply be wiped clean. The choice of detergent or soap doesn’t matter as long as the water is warm enough.

The temperature of the water is a key determinant of the effectiveness of the cleanliness of the floor. The warmer the easier, the easier it is to clean vinyl floors. Cold water does not clean stains well enough and it also reduces the amount of soap or detergent that can be dissolved in the water. Warm water has the ability to dissolve a greater amount of soap, detergent or whatever other cleaning product is being used and is hence more effective for nice cleaning purposes. The water does not need to be too hot for it to be effective. Even luke warm water can serve the purpose effectively. 

The quality of the detergent is also important. Lower quality detergent cost less upfront but take a longer time to dissolve in the water. Their cleaning ability is also not of the same level and in most cases, they are even worse than soaps.

Specialised cleaning products designed especiall for vinyl floors are also available in the market. While they are branded as exclusive to vinyl floors, they can be used on many surfaces such as marble, granite, rubber and plastic. They are usually milder than detergents used for clothes and have better dissolving and cleaning properties. A mixture of regular detergents with vinyl floor cleaning Brisbane liquid can be used, as well. This combines the benefits of both products, namely the cost efficiency of the soap or the detergent with the better cleaning properties of the vinyl floors cleaning liquid.

Another thing to take care of is a good wiping cloth. A mop with cotton strands is usually the best option available. However, lintel is also a good choice but it costs more and durability is an issue with it. It’s worth comparing different options before deciding which one to buy.