3 Fun Activities For Your Child’s Birthday Party

Every child is more than excited to celebrate their birthday – as parents, we too get excited every time our kid is about to celebrate yet another year of his/her life. This excitement starts as early as the planning stage. As your kid grows, he or she can also become more proactive in planning his/her own party.A thing that should never be excluded from kids parties Perth and other parts of Australia are the fun and games that should come with it. The other kids will expect to have fun on their friend’s birthday too, so don’t ever let these kiddos down! Make sure your child’s party is fun, memorable and interactive by including the following activities below:

  • Make Your Own FoodKids love to explore and mix and match stuff with their own hands. And you know what most kids also like? That would be desserts and sweet treats, of course! Mixing, creating and decorating their own cupcake for example would be a lovely treat and a fun activity for children (including the adults) during your child’s birthday party. Make it fun and colorful with sprinkles, candies, chocolates, cartoon characters and other decorative toppings that they can put on the cupcake. Aside from cupcakes, you can also opt to let them mix and match their own Ice Cream treat – complete with different flavors, sprinkles, candies, jelly beans, syrups and the like.
  • Face PaintAgain, kids love to mix and match stuff with their own hands, so keep the party interactive with some kids face painting Melbourne. Create games where the winner or loser will then be covered in face paint, or have kids put paint on their best friends in the party.Just remember to choose a safe type of paint (one that has no toxic chemicals mixed on them), and if possible, add this only at the end part of your program. No one wants to get kids messy halfway through the party, right?
  • Clown or Magic ShowsAnother activity that will bring joy to every child in the party is a mascot, clown or magician. Heck, even the adults themselves would like to take pictures with a Disney character mascot for example. Both kids and adults will also be entertained with either a clown or magic show (although clowns can be a bit scary for some people).