Various Methods For Agriculture Soil Testing

On a general level, we can divide our society into four different sectors which are commercial sector, residential sector, industrial sector and agricultural sector. Each one of these sectors is contributing in the progress of the country in one way or another. However, our point of focus is going to revolve around the agricultural sector. A large portion of country’s economy depends upon its agricultural sector which is why we must be very careful in regards to this sector. One thing which is extremely important for good quality of crops is the good quality of soil but how can a person know about the quality of soil? This can be known by the process of agriculture soil testing in Geelong. We will be discussing about the various methods for agricultural soil testing.

Agriculture soil testing:

Agricultural sector plays a very important role in the progress of any country which is why it must be well taken care of. The most important thing which is required for good quality of crops is the good quality of soil but one might ask a question that how can a person determine the quality of the soil? This can be determined by carrying out the process of agriculture soil testing. Agriculture soil testing is the type of analytical process in which the soil is analysed to make sure that there are no contaminated elements in it as these chemical particles can cause harm to the crops for later on or can reduce their growth. This is the reason that agriculture soil testing must be carried out before sowing new crops or before purchasing new land so as to avoid the losses for later on.

Various methods for agriculture soil testing:

The whole process of agriculture soil testing begins with the collection of soil sample from different portions of the same land. Then this sample is sent to the particular site or company which is meant to test the soil. There can be various methods which the company uses for soil testing. These methods differ on the basis of the particles which we are analysing for instance to determine the presence of acid in the soil, the process of Mehlich buffer is carried out. Then to check the presence or absence of elements like potassium, calcium or magnesium the process of Mehlich 3 is carried out. A good soil must be free of toxic substances and should have the excess of organic materials to provide the good growth to the crops.


It is very important to carry out the process of agriculture soil testing before purchasing a new land or before planting the new crops. The reason for this necessity is that the contaminated soil can result either into the production of useless crops or can completely stop the growth of the crops. There are various methods which are carried out to test the agricultural soil. “Soil test express” offers their best services of agriculture soil testing. Go right here to find out more details.